Saturday, March 12, 2016

Former WBA President Gilberto Mendoza Dies


March 11, 2016

We have saddening news, today in Caracas Venezuela, Don Gilberto Mendoza passed away, former president of the World Boxing Association, an organization he leaded since October 7 of 1982, when he was elected during that sanctioning body's annual convention held in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
From that date he leaded the WBA as well as no else did in the past, even when this group was called National Boxing Association and was based in the United States. Don Gilberto, an expert in boxing, always considered the creation of the program known as "KO Drugs” as one of his greatest accomplishments as commissioner, done in Venezuela, in Panama and other countries for almost a quarter of a century.
Mr. Mendoza, engineer by profession, and with various degrees and postgraduate achieved in his native Venezuela, the United States and England, was 33 years at the helm of the WBA, always wearing his white hair, glasses and his soft and deep voice. He was a beloved leader who might have lasted many more years chairing the organization, if it were not for the disease that finally ended his life. It was just last year when he resigned the presidency and his son Gilberto Jesus succeeded him.
Don Gilberto, who was born in Barquisimeto, Lara State, Venezuela, in 1943, began in boxing as Treasurer of the Commission of Aragua, Venezuela. His last election was in 2013, when the WBA held its annual convention in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Before that, he went to work with his teammates, always trying to improve the functioning of his group. It was a great friend of our Honorary Life President, Don Jose Sulaiman, and like him, the moment came when his existence was extinguished, putting mourning the sport of fists. We wish his family prompt resignation, and friend gone, may God have him in his holy reign.

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