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Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame Fundraiser Oct 12 in Las Vegas

Thursday, September 24, 2015

It's Fight Time against Cancer!

Come meet Howard Davis Jr., 1976 Boxing Olympic 
Gold Medalist 
Wed. Oct. 7th, 2015
Special VIP Cocktail Reception 
Fight against Cancer Fundraiser
JM Lexus in Margate
Advanced Reservations are required
$50 per person

 A week before his 59th birthday - Howard Davis Jr. was diagnosed with Stage-4 Lung Cancer. 
After 7-months of treatment; Howard Davis Jr. continues to fight the biggest opponent of his life.  He's fighting cancer the alternative way and needs your support.  
All proceeds benefit the Howard Davis Jr. Foundation

 Legendary Boxing Olympic Gold Medalist & CEO of Fight Time Promotions - Howard Davis Jr. - sends Cancer a Message; 
'It's Fight Time!'

The Howard Davis Jr. Foundation to assist others in their 
fight against the disease

An American boxing icon is in the biggest fight of his life-against stage-4 lung cancer.
Howard Davis Jr. won the Gold Medal in boxing during the 1976 Olympics in Montreal Canada.  
He is known for having one of the fastest hands in boxing and is one of the most decorated amateur boxers in US history.  He broke records in the ring, but is now trying to knock-out cancer.  
Earlier this year; Davis Jr. was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer on the week of his 59th birthday. 
Never one to back down from a fight; Davis Jr. has recently established the Howard Davis Jr. Foundation( to be a source for educating, financing and encouraging others to get into the ring and clobber cancer, the alternative way!
"I never smoked, I never drank," says Howard Davis Jr., 1976 Boxing Olympic Gold Medalist, whose recent announcement of his diagnose has many saying, Cancer has met its match!  
 "I've gotten into the ring with a lot of tough fighters and I'm facing this the same way!"
Davis has turned to conventional cancer treatment combined with alternative therapies for advanced stage cancers, consisting of maximum-tolerated dose chemotherapy, nutritional and other therapeutic interventions to keep up hemoglobin levels. 
Many of these treatments aren't covered by insurance and Davis found that he wasn't fighting this battle alone. Now, the Howard Davis Jr. Foundation will help those, who've found themselves in a financial hardship as they seek a more natural way to fight cancer. 
A series of events are taking place including a VIP Cocktail Reception on Wed. Oct. 7th, 2015 at the headquarters of JM Lexus in Margate, FL. 
"Let's knock-out cancer together!" - Howard Davis Jr.
contact: or call 954-848-2833 or after hours at 786-543-1177

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015



SEPTEMBER 22, 2015.



By Mauricio Sulaiman Saldivar

After reading the article published by Mr. Alfredo Castillo, who in Mexico is the equivalent of a Sports Minister of any country, and after seeing his article was dedicated to the loving memory of my Father, I decided to state the following:
Boxing is for Mexico a national heritage. It is the sport that has earned most medals for our country in all the Olympic Games. It is the national sport that belongs to our people. Everyone can enjoy of it and the passion of everyone is awakened through it. Having a Mexican fighter inside the ring is a synonym for excitement, passion and great fights.
Amateur boxing does exist, but it has been abandoned in Mexico. This process has been affecting our country for years concerning several official results. It has benefitted thousands of Mexicans that could not find in this sport the opportunity to succeed and shine.
The World Boxing Council bases its activity around professional boxing, not amateur. It is well known that serious conflicts in amateur boxing has been happening in recent years, and that is why the WBC opened a committee named WBC Amateur,  to support various countries where amateur boxing is suffering the consequences of such abandonment.
Seeing our young prospects shamefully used on the streets in order to demand economic support is not respectable at all.
It is a childish act that only hurts Mexico, fortunately this act has produced public attention and the opportunity to express many things that have remained In secret during the last years.
The World Boxing Council will completely support the decisions taken by the COM and CONADE, and we will definitely work together to support Mexican boxing. Whoever it is and  the way it is, the boxing  of here belongs to  Mexicans...not to a person or a group.


(Column published in the Gazette “LA AFICION from Mexico” September 21, 2015 and dedicated to Jose Sulaiman (RIP)


By Alfredo Castillo

I am the first to accept that high performance athletes can speak out and publicly give  their point of view about how the sport is managed in Mexico, and I always like to know what they think, how they feel and what they care about.
Unlike what many believe, dissent is the beginning of a dialectic practice that allows us to reach accordance.
When the scandal about  famous swimsuit that Fernanda Gonzalez  had to use in  Toronto Pan American Games I  requested  to Carlos Padilla, President of the Olympic Committee of Mexico,  to let me talk to her before the COM returned her  to Mexico for indiscipline.
I was able to talk with Fernanda in the Pan American Villa,  and within some minutes we resolved everything. Likewise when the basketball players asked me to return to the selection to Sergio Valdeolmillos, I talked to him and after a few administrative hurdles, we solved the problem.  Sergio was able to lead the national team in the Olympic qualifiers of the last pre Olympic stage .
When I announced that there would  be no economic stimulus for conquering medals, many people raised their voices.  Curiously  the ones who did this the most,  were the media and not the athletes or coaches. They were focused on competing and winning.
After several weeks we were able to generate funds, allowing us to reward our medalists, including coaches, and we distributed nearly 50 million pesos.
If we have achieved such agreements, so why should I refuse to pay the boxers their trip to Qatar to a competition ?  I answer it with a simple premise, because of the results.
The World Boxing Championship have take place since 1974 and it's organized by the AIBA, International Amateur Boxing Association. Currently it is held every odd year. According to information from  AIBA, Mexico is ranked 51 with a bronze  medal. Countries like Sweden, Tajikistan, Morocco and Norway have better results than us. While Costa Rica, New Zealand, Pakistan, Panama and Dominican Republic have the same poor results.
But What if we think about professional boxing, considering how many world champions Mexico  has in all history ? We have 165 world champions. The city of Los Mochis, Sinaloa, with a population of only 300 thousand people, has produced five world boxing champions.
Is there any correspondence of having 165 professional world champions yet only one bronze at a world level in the amateur category? After reflecting on this point, analyzing that in the last 26 years we have had the same level in amateur boxing, the question that appears is: Can you imagine a soccer coach leading for 26 years, being on the last position of the rankings, and keeping his job?
But if we also add that there have been several administrative irregularities, would not be the responsibility of the authority to act accordingly? And when they act, what happens?, the blackmailing comes and the usage of athletes as personal assets appears.
Would it not have been easier for boxers instead of asking for some cents on the street, to go to the High Performance department of Conade? Of course yes. But it is clear that that action does not suit the leader of amateur boxing. He does not want money for athletes. What he wants is to have money deposited in the Federation to have the freedom to manage resources, as he wants, as he has done for the last 26 years.
I have  claimed it  in every single interview that I conducted. We must address the signing of contracts with athletes, where both parties are subjected to rights and obligations. Not everything can be unilaterally benefitting for only  one side. In recent years Brazil and Colombia have overtaken us in sport . If we don’t make a major change, in the future Venezuela, Chile, The Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Guatemala will be better than us, not only in Boxing but also in baseball, athletics and basketball. We need to recover our position.
And if we do not do this by winning medals, at least let's do it, to spread these sports to the people, so we will have millions of Mexicans practicing them.
If someone gives me a single example of an OECD country, in any sport, that has worse results than us in amateur boxing and its president remains in charge for more than 25 years, you will shut me up immediately.
 I think we cannot maintain this level of mediocrity. We should be outraged as this has hurt everyone. If we want to have amateur boxing ranked 51, we should just leave things as they are. If we want results, then we must break with private interests and resolve the main problems.
I appeal to athletes to fight for reaching your goals, to put the name of Mexico on the highest level.  I want people to understand that these actions are being done not only with the sole purpose of Mexico recovering its greatness, but also to set the foundations to secure a better sport future in a our great country.

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Mayweather vs. Berto: Relive 49-0 | Saturday, September 19

The Jose Sulaiman Boxers Fund


The World Boxing Council is pleased to announce the opening of the 2015 WBC José Sulaimán Boxers Fund Grant Cycle, formerly the WBC Boxers Foundation Fund.
Envisioned by the late WBC president José Sulaimán, with continued support from current president Mauricio Sulaimán, the fund supports retired professional boxers who have fallen on hard times and in need of financial assistance.
Application deadline has been extended to Thursday, October 15, 2015. All application materials must include requested supporting documentation postmarked or emailed to Nevada Community Foundation by end of day, Thursday, October 15th, to be considered.
Retired professional boxers who face great need and fit within the criteria are encouraged to apply. For questions and assistance with the application, please contact your local WBC-associated federation or affiliation.
Online information can be found at Questions may also be directed to Nevada Community Foundation at:
Jane Ramos
Director of Operations / Finance Administrator
Nevada Community Foundation
1635 Village Center Circle Ste. 160
Las Vegas, NV 89134
Tel: 702-892-2326 | Fax: 702-892-8580

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Mayweather vs Berto PPV available on Showtime Streaming Service

NEW YORK – September 10, 2015 – For the first time ever, fans will be able to watch a SHOWTIME PPV boxing event on their computers and mobile devices via, as Floyd Mayweather puts his undefeated record on the line, in what Mayweather says will be his final fight, against two-time world champion Andre Berto this Saturday (8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT).

CBS Interactive Advanced Media will stream the pay-per-view event to U.S.-based users at for $64.99. The purchase includes access to additional fight week events streamed live at  

  • Weigh-in Live – Fri., 9/11, 6 p.m. ET / 3 p.m. PT
  • Countdown Live  – Sat., 9/12, 6:30 p.m. ET / 3:30 p.m. PT
  • The four fight pay-per-view telecast – Sat., 9/12, 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT
In addition to the main event, the live stream will also feature three undercard fights. Roman “Rocky” Martinez will risk his WBO Junior Lightweight title in a rematch of a Fight of the Year candidate against the boxer he dethroned, four-time world champion Orlando “Siri” Salido. In addition, Badou Jack “The Ripper” will make the first defense of his WBC Super Middleweight World title against mandatory challenger “Saint” George Groves, and Mexico’s Jhonny Gonzalez will face Puerto Rico's Jonathan Oquendo in a 10-round super featherweight bout.

With the pay-per-view purchase of the fight online, U.S.-based users will also receive a three month free trial of CBS All Access, the subscription video on demand and live streaming service for the CBS Television Network. For more information on CBS All Access, visit

Mayweather vs. Berto, a 12-round welterweight world championship bout for Mayweather’s WBC and WBA 147-pound titles, is promoted by Mayweather Promotions, LLC and sponsored by Tecate. The event will take place Saturday, September 12 at MGM Grand in Las Vegas and will be produced and distributed by SHOWTIME PPV.

Badou Jack puts his WBC Belt on the line vs George Groves

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Hagler vs Hearns Signed Fight Poster from Bob Pace Memorabilia

          Fight Poster from the Historic Hagler vs Hearns signed by Marvelous Marvin Hagler
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